Product Manager

If you’re an experienced Product Manager, we’ll give you a chance to develop products for 6 European markets (Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Serbia).

From 1800 EUR/month

Salary (gross)

Remote position




Product Manager

What will you work on?

  • We have wide product portfolio as you already noticed on our web. You will get opportunity to participate on multiple products and in time we will see together what you enjoy the most and where you can deliver best value as well.
  • You’ll be taking care of billing, pricing and collaboration on campaigns.
  • One of your priorities will be to evaluate the effectiveness of products and sketch the future direction of the segment.
  • You’ll be mostly concerned with metrics related to revenue, acquisition, retention, CLV, churn rate and market share. Ring any bells?
  • You’ll effortlessly communicate with external companies and suppliers.
  • Do you like to keep a good track of everything? Great! Keeping tabs on the market, competitors and trends will be your domain.
  • Apart from the business aspect, being customer-oriented is key. Clients will be excited to communicate with you, because you’ll solve
    their problem. Every day, you’ll collect and manage feedback from both clients and colleagues.
  • Based on your experience and data, you’ll design solutions, but also oversee the whole process, be it documentation, implementation, testing, release, continuous development and the gathering of feedback… don’t worry, you’ll get into it.
  • You’ll contribute to customer behaviour analyses, the customer journey, the segmentation of customers and more. In turn, you’ll be able to move our products to the next level = win win 🙂
  • Every day, you’ll collaborate and communicate with colleagues from across all our markets.
  • You’ll spend some time helping to migrate clients from other markets and consolidate the product portfolio into a common platform.
  • How’s it looking so far? Excited yet? Rightly so!

What do we expect from you?

  • Experience on Product Management or Product Owner position
  • Solid communication skills, because everything revolves around the product in our company.
  • Analytical skills, i.e. being able to interpret analyses as well as run them.
  • The ability to identify the underlying issue and a solution-oriented mindset (finding the stumbling block and getting it out of the way)
  • Initiative and interest in taking responsibility for whatever is necessary, i.e. analyses, documentation, testing, product management, creating business cases and tutorials #hustle
  • Proactivity and drive that you can expect to see both in the rest of the Product team and the whole company
  • A level of English that will enable you to communicate daily, but also to build an argument and persuade your colleagues in a discussion
  • Your opinion, the ability to defend it, but also to receive constructive feedback (we’re not looking for sheep who just follow the herd)
  • Technical background and, ideally, experience with software and web development
  • Have you managed to keep reading until now? You’re a step closer to an interesting job. Keep going!

What will get you some bonus points?

  • Significant experience in the hosting sector or with other web marketing tools
  • Years of experience as a product manager, product owner
  • Advanced experience with analytics and the ability to work with analytical tools
  • Knowledge from hosting / domain or online marketing tools or email solutions (experience with email solutions or tools for building websites for the end user)
  • If you don’t feel at home in these skills, don’t worry. You can be all the more excited that we’ll make sure to add them to your CV 🙂

What will your initial days look like?

  • During your first week, we’ll walk you through how we run our company, our history and ambitions. Your new colleagues from various departments will gradually show you how we do things around here and you’ll also learn how our Helpdesk works.
  • You’ll familiarize yourself with the Product team and gradually take on the agenda from your segment. You’ll get up to date with the backlog and you’ll be able to add your own ideas and feedback.
  • We’ll hand the agenda over to you as soon as possible, so that you can become an independent member of the team (it’s not an oxymoron… we’ll give you space and you’ll help us improve our products)
  • Once the first three months are up, we’ll go over your recommendations and a plan for what we’ll work on together in your segment.

How to apply?

If you’d like to join us, send us your CV or anything else that would sell you well. We’ll let you know what’s next as soon as possible (in
7 days or less). We’ll then send you an assignment and agree on the process.

If you pass it with flying colors, we’ll invite you for the first round of interviews, so that we can get to know each other better. If it’s a good fit, the second round of interviews will follow and you can expect to receive an offer.

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